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Affordable and effective promotional video marketing for Fountain Hills’ small businesses

When you woke up this morning, I know having a promotional video filmed wasn’t on your radar. And truthfully, you don’t need a video for your business to continue to produce the revenue you’re getting now. But what if you want more sales? What if you felt you should be—you could be—doing better? What if you wanted to take your success to the next level of success? Would video help you then? Absolutely, and I can do it for you.

Why videos bring in sales revenue and customers—the marketing psychology behind it all

Video marketing does what website text and photos can’t: get your online visitors to connect with you in a personal, meaningful way. Author and marketing rock star Seth Godin explains, “Consumers (yours included) always hire /work with businesses they feel they know, like, and trust.” What that means is the customers and clients you really want (not price shoppers) won’t choose to work with you unless they feel a sense of trust, familiarity, and genuineness about you and your company…unless they feel a personal connection with you.

Bottom line? You don’t need video on your website. However, by not leveraging video, I assure you that you’re needlessly losing out on customers, revenue, and opportunities.

Why should you hire me to film your online marketing video?

  1. I will make you more money than I cost. The video I film will bring you new business and customers.
  2. I love helping small businesses like yours reach a new level of confidence and success. That means I am going to bring ideas, enthusiasm, and inspiration to your project. I film promotional marketing videos not because I have to—because I have a passion for it.
  3. I guarantee that you’ll love the video I create as well as the service I provide you. That’s right, beyond getting a great video, I promise you’ll have a great experience working with me. If not, I’ll refund your money. Do other video production companies will offer the same guarantee. I checked—they don’t.
  4. I am EASY to work with, and I specialize in working with business owners who are unsure or apprehensive about being on camera. I WILL make you look and sound great.

This is just some quick footage of our beautiful little town on a lazy Saturday morning (before it got too hot in the summer). The Fountain wasn’t working that day, so I meandered around the Avenue of the Fountains and the Veterans’ Memorial.

We’re Fountain Hills’ neighbors, so do I have a discount for you? Of course.

For businesses located in Fountain Hills: if you are passionate about and good at what you do; if you’re pleasant to work with, I have a special offer for you.
Shop marketing agencies and video production companies, you’ll quickly discover video is expensive for a small business ($2,000-$10,000). I know that puts things out of reach for most small businesses. So here’s the special offer…

If you’re the first Fountain Hills-based business who responds to this Fountain Hills Times’ ad, you won’t pay my normal rate of $2k for your video (which, by the way, is reasonable). You’ll pay $695. What’s the catch? We film on a Saturday morning and you share my name with other Fountain Hills’ businesses (if I’ve done a great job for you).

I want to be a part of turning our business economy in Fountain Hills around, and I have a passion for small businesses with big hearts and big dreams.
Intrigued? Ready to move forward? Do this next—Check out some of the work I’ve done—make sure you like it. Peruse the testimonials that clients have shared about me over the years. When you’re ready to take your business or brand to the next level of success, fill out this quick form and let’s see if I am in a position to make things happen for you and your business.

Oh…I know no one likes forms, but I promise I’ll get back to you in a flash.