Easy tips and advice on interviewing for an online promotional marketing video
Videographer and video storyteller Jeremy Tuber shares his secrets
First, thanks for allowing me to share your experience on camera. I know people don't naturally feel comfortable being in front of the lights and cameras. However, don't worry—I specialize in working with people who might be a little camera shy. I’ll work hard to be respectful of your time and do my best to make sure you enjoy yourself. We’ll be talking anywhere from 5-15 minutes, that’s it, and you’re welcome to ask me any questions while we’re on set.
Below I’ve got some tips for you.
Don’t be nervous about your marketing video interview
I know, this is easier said than done, but trust me, you’ll do just fine. We’re just going to chat about your story—you and me. When we’re talking, you’ll look directly at me rather than into a camera lens. After a minute or two, you’ll forget the camera is even there.
Take as much time as you need during the video
People often feel like they have to answer my questions immediately, or there's a penalty for stopping to collect their thoughts. No, no, no...you're not on a gameshow. Feel free to think about your answer before starting. If you need a moment to collect your thoughts in mid-answer, that's no problem. 
Don't worry, no one is perfect on camera
You might feel you have to get everything right, and that losing track of what you’re saying or having to say it again is a disaster. Nope. In fact, everyone messes up when talking. While it may seem like people on TV never mess up, it’s really the editor making them look and sound good. Don’t worry, I’ve got lots of tips and tricks to hide little mess ups and make you look and sound good too.
Speak openly and from your heart
The best way to share your story is to pretend we're just having a fun talk at a Starbucks. Steer away from saying things like, "Here at ABC Company..." Just talk to me about your passion—I am eager to ask you questions about your story—so keep in mind that you’re not talking to an audience, just to me.

Slow down
It’s normal for people to talk a lot faster when they’re on camera. That’s okay, but we’ll see if we can get you to slow down just bit. Relax, I am shooting digital film, and it'll take a lot for me to run out of batteries!
You already asked that question, right?
I often ask the same question a couple of times, so don’t worry when it happens. Don’t feel you have to remember exactly what your previous answer was—just tell me what’s in your heart at that moment. Actually, I'd prefer if your second answer is a little different than the first. I might ask you to repeat an answer or to say it in just a slightly different way. 
THE BIG ONE...using my question in your answer
Because my questions and my voice will be removed in the final video, you’ll want to make sure you include part of question in your response/answer. For example, if my question is, “What makes this place special?” I would need you to respond with something like, “I’ve always found this place special because the people are friendly and professional.” If you just responded with just “Because the people are friendly and professional,” I wouldn’t be able to use it in the video.
Last...if you have any, and I mean any, concerns or questions, let me know so I can address them. I am here to help :)

PS—if you're an up-and-coming videographer or video production professional who likes this content, feel free to use it. I'd just ask that you give me attribution credit. 
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