Quick highlight reel of some of the videos I've put together over the years—fun stuff.
If you haven't already, check this video out first to get a glimpse of what I can do :)

I created the OSR logo and branding for owners Aaron and Kori Williams in the early 2000s. At the time, Aaron had one tiny clinic in an Anthem shopping mall. Years later he’s up to 7-8 clinics (it’s hard to keep track). In 2009 I went to work for OSR as their Director of Marketing before taking a role at the Arizona Dental Association, where I’ve been for more than six years. 

In 2017, OSR asked me to capture some of the stories from their Anthem/corporate employees before a team meeting. It was a last-minute project, but everyone had a great time and it all worked out. It’s always been a pleasure and an honor to be a small part of OSR extended family and part of their success—they are great people. 

This was a video of firsts. I met Paul for the first time just a couple of minutes before we filmed. I actually filmed the video as a favor to a friend.
I was also working with DP Chris "CT" Lee for the first time—we were sorting out how to work best with each other—everything worked out just fine. Paul's a classy but quirky guy, and he's sharp, so I went with an upbeat Jazz track in the background. More than anything else, he wanted to emphasize that he's not like other brokers who just send out comps, and he really wants to make sure his clients are a good fit before taking them on. We shot this in about an hour (quick).

The hardest part of the shoot was a rogue bee or wasp who wouldn't stop pestering the guys as they were shaking hands outside. No one got stung, but that bee was ticked at something...probably still looking to sting poor person :)
Jeremy's note: When I ran a design business, I'd worked with a handful of chiropractors here. Often a single-minded, confident bunch—they were tricky to work with. When I heard Dr. Bogash was a DC rather than a DDS, DMS, DO, or MD, I wasn't sure what to expect. More than a "rack 'em and crack 'em" provider, what struck me about getting to know (and then interview) Dr. Bogash is is knowledge and passion beyond the neck and spine. He goes through medical journals like a teenager goes through YouTube videos. After we finished the project, I referred both family and friends to him—both have come back with wonderful reports and results.

As for the emphasis for this video, we wanted to show Dr. Bogash's knowledge base extending beyond basic chiropractic care, as well as his passion to help patients who have all but given up hope for a better pain-free life. We also wanted to emphasize that Dr. Bogash's treatments involve a lot of soft tissue work, which is vital in healing. 

North Scottsdale home decorated by a Scottsdale interior design firm.

East Valley home wonderfully designed by a Phoenix interior designer. 

Jeremy's note: Amy's been a good friend for years, and when it comes to transitions and advising dentists on their data and team, she's the tops. We'd talked about putting together a video for a while—glad we were able to put this together. We "borrowed" one of her client's dental practices on a Saturday. This was a fun shoot—everyone had a good time. I did have a bad back that weekend—thankfully I got through the shoot with no problems. For the creative direction, we wanted to focus on Amy as an approachable professional. I think she was a little surprised I went with the intro that I did. But dentists love that part. It shows an unguarded, spontaneous glimpse into Amy's personality—people (including dentists) love seeing others "being real."

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