Quick and punchy demo reel featuring brand new and GoPro footage and some classic stuff I mixed in. Check out my acting debut around the 8sec mark—not sure how many gigs I’ll get in front of the camera! I'll stick to work behind the camera.

Is a small business marketing video or dental marketing video right for you—right now?
Great videos—the ones that really bring in new business—don’t happen by accident.
And while the “heavy lifting” of a video project should be done by a director/producer, (i.e., me), videos that truly capture your brand and attract the right customers/clients, take time, brainstorming, and planning—they’ll require your involvement. 
Before you make the decision to start your online video marketing project,
let’s see if now is the right time. Here's a quick self-assessment. 
Give yourself one point for every statement you agree to below.

1) I am confident that my brand and or business will significantly benefit from having a promotional video.
2) I am going to have a video filmed now—it’s time and it’s a priority.
It’s just a question of hiring the right person to help me.
3) My personal and professional schedules are busy, but I'll have some time to invest in this project.
4) I would like to (and am able to) have the video filmed within the next 3-4 weeks.
5) I am willing and able to communicate and collaborate with the director so that we have a specific creative direction for my video. 
6) Unless something crazy happens, emailing, texting, or calling back isn't hard tough for me to do within a business day.
7) Things will come up during the course of the project—that's normal—but I feel confident we'll be able to avoid delays on my end (barring something big doesn't come up).
So how did you score?
If you agree with 5-7 of the above statements, now will probably be an ideal time to shoot a video, so let’s talk.
I know there's always a risk in starting a new project, but like most things in your life, the hardest part is just getting started. And I've found that some clients who can't seem to make up their mind never end up moving forward. Whether you work with me or someone else, don't let that happen. 
If it's any encouragement, I am really easy to work with :)
Let's get things going
If I sound like someone you'd like working for you, drop me a line here. Let's talk.
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