If the reason you're having a video done is to bring in more revenue—more customers, wouldn't it make sense to hire a marketing professional to film your video? After all, isn't that what marketing is? Beyond having peace of mind they're in good hands, and they're going to have a wonderful experience, clients trust me to film their promotional videos because I have a knack for driving in new business. It might be luck, or it might be that my degree is in marketing and that I've lived and breathed marketing for about twenty years.

Why hire me to film your small business or dental online YouTube promotional video over other Arizona video marketing or video production companies?
If a video production company or creative professional tells you, "I can work with everyone," run, don't walk in the opposite direction. As for me, I specialize in filming marketing videos that really work for Arizona (mostly Scottsdale, East Valley, and Phoenix) small businesses, dentists and dental practices, and sports teams, coaches, and athletes connect on a personal and emotional level. I don't work on big-budget films, documentaries, infomercials, or anything like that. 
If I sound like someone who fits what you're looking for, see what else I bring to the table...
I genuinely love online video marketing for small businesses and dental / medical practices, so it's not "work" for me
Filming promotional videos is tough. I invest 25-35 hours into every project. Outside of schlepping the heavy camera gear around, I love it, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. You're going to feel that energy and enthusiasm if we work together. It's infectious—in a good way :)
You're in good hands—I've interviewed almost 200 Arizona, mostly Phoenix-based small businesses owners, dentists, and physicians 
Like climbing a mountain, interviewing on camera can be intimidating. Think of me as an interview sherpa with almost 200 climbs. I've interviewed a lot of people. I specialize in getting people who've never been on camera to be comfortable, confident, and relaxed, so don't let interviewing scare you. I'll be there go guide and encourage you, and I've got a bag of insider tips and tricks the size of a mountain goat to help us through the process!
Every small business and dentist has hidden superpowers—
we’ll discover and reveal yours
What? You don't have superpowers.
Nonsense. You do.
In fact, one of my superpowers is help find your superpowers.
It doesn’t matter how many competitors you have, or if you’re not even sure what makes you stand out from the crowd.You have superpowers that make you unlike anyone else out there—whether that's your story, your values, your personality, your team/family, or how you do things, there's something impressively unique about you. My job is to uncover what your superpowers are, and then we’ll share them with the world. 
When our video’s ready for everyone to see, you still might not be able to leap tall buildings with a single bound (don’t do that, it’s dangerous), but you’re going to feel like a superhero. 
Want to get customers or get patients from your online YouTube videos? Remember, consumers ONLY buy from those they like, know, and trust
Everything I feature in your video is focused on two things: making sure you connect with your audience on a personal and emotional level, and making sure your audience feels like they know, like, and trust you by the end of the video. When we do those two things, the results are magical. Oh, and down to the smallest details, my focus is also on helping you to make an indelible, credible first impression with your target audience—and making you look and sound your best.    

Want an online promotional video to really work for your small business or dental practice? Start with marketing first—visuals second
Having a video created by someone who doesn't thoroughly understand branding, consumer behavior, and marketing principles is like buying a car with no engine: it may look good, but it won't do much. While clients have described me as a "walking creative department," I am a marketing professional who just happens to use video as a canvas to drive in customers. Videographers do not have a formal or practice background in marketing (driving in new business)—I do. Results matter.  
What do all good video production companies and marketing agencies have in common? They are only as good as their last project
I've had clients ask if I can film "something quick and dirty" for them. No dice. It's not that I don't want to accommodate people. In addition to their name being associated with the video, mine is too, so cutting corners or just filming something "okay" isn't an option. You're going to get my best effort—I don't know any other way to work. 
Make sure the person who films your online marketing video is respectful and kind—the end does not justify the mean
One of the video editors / videographers I managed at a megachurch in Chandler, Arizona was more than capable as a director. However, in working with her on a few projects, I noticed how abrupt, impatient, and even condescending she was to the people we filmed. She felt she had the right because it was her responsibility to keep the project moving at top speed. Unacceptable. 
I'll work hard so we end up with a great video—at the same time, I'll make sure everyone on set feels appreciated and enjoys themselves. In fact, I've been told by other film directors they appreciated my encouraging and upbeat demeanor on set. Expect great results and a great experience.
Ready to get more sales?
If I sound like someone you'd like working for you, drop me a line here. Let's talk. 
Top ten, the best, questions to ask a video production company, video marketing agency, or videographer before hiring them
1) How do you evaluate success on a project—how do you evaluate if your marketing video works? Do you evaluate success as a nice-looking video or a video that gets customers (or gets patients)? Will your video bring in sales?

2) Why should I hire you to do online video marketing for my small business or dental practice?

3) How would past clients describe your demeanor as a director on set (as well as a producer throughout the process)

4) Will I have an opportunity to review a rough cut before you provide a final cut of the online video?

5) Will I have an opportunity to offer some thoughts or suggestions during the video shoot?

6) How long does it typically take for you to finish a project (upload the video onto YouTube)?

7) Will you invest time in learning about my small business (or dental practice), as well as my story, customers, marketing message, competition, team, and goals? What does that look like?

8) What does your filming process look like? How do you ensure clients are well informed and confident you’ll take care of them?

9) Can you offer me some initial or preliminary ideas on how my small business or dental practice will get the most out of this video?

10) Compared to other video production companies and video marketing agencies, how do you price projects?

11) BONUS: What happens if I don’t like the marketing video you provide—will you refund my money?
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