You'll notice this web page can't be found on the website. Why?
I don't make this offer to everyone. I know that sounds like a used-car salesperson, but I don't advertise this option because most of the clients I work for are happy to pay my normal rate. 
Why are you different? Well, if you're on this page, it means I'd like to work with you and within your profession or area of expertise, and I am willing to discount my fee quite a bit to do so. 
You get a great video at a fraction of the cost of what my other clients pay. I get the unique opportunity to work with someone I specifically chose (which is pretty cool)—also, taking on these discounted stand by projects give me a nice break from the deadlines, demands, and revisions that come with full-paying clients.  
If you've looked around, you know professionally-shot video can be kind of expensive. I don't have to pay a crew of people, so I don't need to charge that much! In fact, we can go a couple of different directions with cost, depending on what you are comfortable with.
If you could float me a few/couple hundred bucks, it’d really be appreciated. The money goes to paying gas, wear-and-tear on the camera gear, music tracks in the video, and an online membership to upload videos.
Let me know what you can do.
What's the difference between paying a discounted rate rather than hiring me at my full rate?
Think of the two types of pricing like flying stand-by coach versus first class. Both will get you to your destination, but one’s got more perks. See the Q & A section below for details.
Whether you invest a few or couple hundred bucks or decide it'd be worth it to hire me at my normal rate, I'll work hard for you and do what I can to make this a video you'll love and want to share with everyone. In choosing whether you want to invest a little or a lot depends how much control and priority you want with the project. Do I have a preference which option you choose? Nope.
Note: If you are financially hurting, let me know and we'll see if we can work something out. I avoid working with opportunistic people just looking to take advantage of a freebie, but if I can lend a hand and finding a win-win solution is important to you, let’s talk.
Priority compared to other projects I might be working on
DISCOUNTED RATE: Lower. Like flying on "stand-by coach."
NORMAL RATE: High. Like flying "first class."
Speed your project is done
DISCOUNTED RATE: No specific time frame. Usually 1-3 months.
NORMAL RATE: Agreed upon time frame. Usually less than a month.

Degree or complexity of the project scope (e.g., number of locations, number of shoots, length of shoot, complexity of the shoot, number of actors or people on set)
DISCOUNTED RATE: Limited. We'll talk about what you're looking for and then decide what can be done and how to streamline things.
NORMAL RATE: Expanded. We'll talk about what you're looking for and what we'll be very cool and inspiring, and then we'll map out a plan to accomplish as many of these ideas as possible.

Can you request changes or revisions after the video has been cut?

Is there a chance your project will get delayed if another project comes in?
DISCOUNTED RATE: Yes. But I try to keep these to a minimum and get back on track as soon as I can. I don't like lingering, unfinished projects.
NORMAL RATE: No. Other projects are put on hold until your project is completed.

Do you get to choose when we film?
DISCOUNTED RATE: I'll do what I can to accommodate you, but be patient. Be sure to grab a time slot when one becomes available. My schedule fills up quickly. This is like flying "stand by."
NORMAL RATE: Yes. I do work FT, but outside of that, I'll do everything I can to accommodate your schedule. Normal-rate clients enjoy reserved time slots, so it's important to keep yours.

Can you delay your project or reschedule your shoot if something unexpectedly comes up?
DISCOUNTED RATE: Yes and no...I can't guarantee when or even if you'll be able to get back on to my schedule. With a FT job and other projects, I don't have the luxury to put projects on hold or reschedule shoots, and I can't promise I'll have the time to resume your project when your schedule frees up. Life happens, but please do what you can to avoid this.
NORMAL RATE: Let's do our best to avoid this. However, if something does happen, let's talk about it and come up with a game plan on exactly when we'll get you back on the schedule.

Length of the shoot/location
DISCOUNTED RATE: Usually 2 hours or less. One location unless otherwise agreed upon.
NORMAL RATE: As long as it takes. Anywhere from 1-4 locations.

Are testimonials from clients/patients/customers/fans/etc. included?
NORMAL RATE: Yes—usually limited to three unless otherwise agreed upon.

Final deliverable to you after the project is over
DISCOUNTED RATE: A YouTube and Vimeo link will be provided to you. You can share the link on your social media platform, and you can link the site on your website. An HD version of the video is provided for archival purposes only.
NORMAL RATE: Same as discounted rate, however, you may use the HD video I provide you to upload to your own YouTube or Vimeo channel and then link that video to your social media platforms and website. By doing this, your YouTube/Vimeo account will generate traffic rather than mine.

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