ASDOH dental student (at that time), as well as ASDA President—now Dr. Onika. This photo was on the cover on the state dental association's monthly publication.This was taken during a Give Kids a Smile event in Mesa, AZ

Pediatric dentist Dr. Charlie at his office in Chandler, Arizona. This photo was on the cover on the state dental association's monthly publication.

Dr. Lisa and her team up in North Phoenix, Arizona. It was their idea to take this photo—nice idea!

Dentist providing treatment at a dental charity event

Wrigley Mansion provided a picturesque backdrop for this women dentist event. The ambiance at the Mansion has unique mystique quality, but I’ve definitely taken photos and filmed in better lighting condition. That said, the women dentists (many I know; some I've interviewed or filmed a promotional video for) were a blast to be around.

Inaugural Dean of ASDOH Dr. Jack Dillenberg. This photo was on the cover on the state dental association's monthly publication. Nice note—Dr. D liked the photo so much, he requested a copy for himself.

Dental hygienist (RDH) at the AZMOM dental charity event in Phoenix, Arizona

Dental students observe patient receiving treatment in dental school

Dr. Tui at a dental charity event in Phoenix, AZ. This photo was on the cover on the state dental association's monthly publication.

Lab tech fabrication at AzMOM in Phoenix, Arizona

Dr. Tom posing for his interview/feature. He practices in Peoria, Arizona

Dr. Steven providing treatment at dental charity event (AzMOM)

Dental assistant who practices in Paradise Valley, Arizona at a dental charity event

Dr. Onika at a Give Kids a Smile event  (dental charity) at ASDOH in Mesa, Arizona.

Volunteer hygienists at the AzMOM dental charity event in Phoenix, Arizona.

Dentist screening for decay at dental charity event.

Dental patients waiting to be seen at dental charity event (AzMOM). It of course can a little overwhelming and intimidating for some patients. While they might be upset now, they walk out of Veteran's Memorial Coliseum out of pain and hope for a better future.

Dental students providing treatment to young patients.

Dr. Rob at Oral Health Day at the Capitol

Dentists conferring diagnosis before treatment begins.

Dentists browsing vendors at the state dental association's annual meeting.

Dental speaker (addressing Arizona hygienists) at the state dental association's annual meeting.

Dental patient and hygienist share a nice moment.

State dental association's volunteer leadership at a house of delegates meeting. Dr. Don, Dr. Allison, and Dr. Greg.

Dental vendors at the state dental association's annual meeting.

Dr. Jerry at a Tucker Study Club in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Dr. Michael serving, as he's done for years, at a Give Kids a Smile event at AT Still.

Dr. Dawn's dental assistant having a fun moment during our photoshoot. Dr. Dawn asked that everyone on the team (including her) take on "serious" photo, and one silly.

Dental student talking to a patient in the operatory chair before treatment.

Dental student and dental instructor discuss patient case.

ED Kevin and ED Assistant Jan have some fun with a dental association public awareness campaign.

Dr. Kris enjoys a fun moment down at his CASS Clinic in Downtown Phoenix.

Close up of Dr. America (yep, that's her name).

Endodontist Dr. Steve in his Phoenix, AZ practice. He had an emergency patient while I was interviewing him and taking photos of him and his office. The patient was kind enough to be in some of the photos.

Periodontist Dr. Vanessa in Peoria, Arizona explaining treatment to a patient.

Dr. Vanessa and one of her dental surgical assistants getting prepared for surgery.

Dr. Vanessa is also an avid shutterbug, like a lot of other dentists.

Prosthodontist Dr. Farzam highlighting a patient's implant on the computer monitor.

General dentist Dr. Betty and her team in Deer Valley area of North Phoenix, Arizona. In addition to photos of the dental office, we took a quick ride to a local golf course to take these photos for the team.

Cover image for the monthly dental journal in 2017—featuring Dr. Allison, Dr. Shalom, Arizona State Representative Kelli Butler, ASDOH dental student Austin, and Dr. Jeanette.

Dr. Betty speaking to a couple of members of her dental team.

Dr. Brad taking a funny photo with his dental team member (also his son) pretending not to listen.

Dr Greg talking to dental students in the Arizona Capitol Building during an Oral Health Day at the Capitol

The three most recent dental editors of the state dental association's monthly journal (I am the managing editor, so I work with them). Three dentists I have a lot of admiration for: Dr. Eric, Dr. Brien, and Dr. Rob. Don't let their silly façade fool you—they are all incredibly sharp doctors and people.

GP Dr. Tom and his team out in Peoria, Arizona.

Dr. Vijay and one of his office managers down in Marana, AZ. It was a drive down there, but I enjoyed my time, and lunch, with Dr. Vijay!

Dental specialist Dr. Vanessa and her team in Peoria, AZ.

Dr. Rebecca posing for posing for one of the photos I took for our interview/feature. She's a terrific dentist mentor and dental CE aficionado.

Yep, that's me posing with one of my favorite dentists, Dr. Ken—gentle soul, all around good guy, boxer, and fellow Pittsburgh Steelers' fan.

Dr. Erin, right, and her team posing for a photo that was placed in the dental association's monthly publication.

Several dentists and dental students listening to Arizona legislators at Oral Health Day at the Capitol

Dr. Kris and one of his favorite dental assistants in his Downtown Phoenix dental clinic. This photo was used as a cover on the monthly state dental association journal.

Another photo of GP Dr. Rebecca in her dental practice off Shea and the 51.

Dr. Dan (foreground) and several new dentists (Dr. Dawn, Dr. Tram, Dr. Ernie, and Dr. Lisa) at a Board of Trustees meeting in Tucson, Arizona.

Dr. Alan talking to, and providing some comfort, to a dental patient at a GKAS event in Phoenix, Arizona.

Another photo of clinic director Dr. Kris.

Dr Sameet at his practice in the Arcadia area of Phoenix, Arizona.

Dr. B.J. of Flagstaff (in focus) at a Board of Trustees meeting.

Dr. Dan reviewing his notes at a House of Delegates meeting.

Dr. Tram providing treatment in her Ahwatukee dental office.

Dr. Lisa (Periodontics) of Tucson, AZ take the podium at a House of Delegates meeting.

Dr. Eric contemplates what's just been discussed at a Board of Trustees meeting.  

Dr. Vijay providing treatment at the dental clinic in Marana, AZ.

Dr. Tram takes a dramatic photo. I liked this photo more than she did!

Dental leaders take a moment to pose for a photo after a House of Delegates meeting.

Dr. Jennifer listening to discussing at annual dental meeting.

Dr. Jessica and her team take a fun photo in their dental office in Surprise, AZ.

GP Dr. Fred of Phoenix, AZ at a House of Delegates meeting—typical relaxed, pleasant attitude from Dr. Fred. Makes me proud we're both from the same neck of the woods in NE Ohio.

Dr. Brian posing for a photo for a publication in the SE Valley. He's working on a very important patient.

MWU and ASDOH dental students having a laugh at a House of Delegates meeting in Tucson, AZ.

Dr. Vijay and patient sharing a laugh—I try to keep videoshoots and photoshoots fun for everyone.

Pediatric dentists / pedodontists Dr. William and Dr. Ernie and their team in Phoenix, Arizona.

Dr. Jessica in front of her practice in Surprise, AZ.

Dr. Vijay and dental assistant.

Dr. Lisa and her team in the Deer Valley area of North Phoenix, Arizona.

Dr. Sameet's dental front office manager in their treatment discussion room.

Dr. Sameet in his front office lobby.

Dr. Jessica providing treatment to a patient.

Dr. Haleh in her patient waiting room.

Dr. Jessica's got a great sense of humor. The idea for this picture was her idea.

Dr. Sameet providing treatment with one of his dental assistants.

Dr. Lisa comforts a dental patient who's a little unsure about being in the operatory.

Dr. Lisa is successful in encouraging the patient to get treatment!

ASDOH Dean Dr. Jack in his office.

Dr. Jessica discussing treatment with a patient

Dr. Tram and her team had a lot of fun with this shot. What a good group!

Close up of Dr. Lisa examining a dental patient.

Dr. Tram providing treatment.

ASDOH dental students at Oral Health Day—future leaders of organized dentistry in Arizona and beyond.

Dr. Jeanette at Oral Health Day.

Dr. Tram and her team.

Dr. Jessica and her dental assistant provide treatment.

Member dentists, AzDA team, and dental students all pose in front of the House of Representatives building at the Arizona Capitol.

Dr. Lisa reviewing an x-ray.

Dr. Brian getting his talking points ready.  

ED Kevin addressing dentists before the kickoff of Oral Health Day.

Dr. Onika and dental student Deseree during a dental meeting.

Speaker at dental annual meeting.

Dr. Miriam and her office manager asked me to take this photo at one of our annual dental meetings.

Dr. Vijay of MWU serves as a mentor to new dentists.

Dr. Dawn and her dental assistant.

Dr. Luke leaning in with interest at a LEAD group mentoring meeting.

Dr. America at the dental practice in Chandler, AZ.

Speaker at the state dental association's annual meeting.

ASDOH Clinical Instructor Dr. Mai-Ly examining a typodont—looking at an occlusion possibly.

State dental association leaders and dental students at the Arizona Capitol.

Arizona dentist listening in at annual meeting.

ASDOH dental student in an endo workshop at the dental association's annual meeting in Phoenix, AZ.

Dr. Howard interviewing at the dental association's annual meeting in Phoenix, AZ.

Dr. Eric mentoring a new dentist at a LEAD meeting.

Dr. Diana reviewing a radiograph in one of her operatories in Scottsdale, AZ.

Dr. Robert in Scottsdale, AZ, discussing a case with Dr. Todd.

Pedos Dr. William and Dr. Ernie, and their dental team in Phoenix, Arizona.

Dr. Diana of Scottsdale, Arizona, and her dental team.

ASDOH dental student Austin at a dental debate at the Princess Resort in Scottsdale, AZ.

Dean Dr. Jack and a group of ASDOH dental students having a great time.

Dr. Diana and her dental assistant providing treatment on a patient.

Pediatric dentist Dr. Charlie volunteering his time and talents to GKAS (he's always there).

Dr. Robert, his dental assistant, Dr. Todd, and their dental patient.

Dr. Lisa and her office manager reviewing a patient case on the computer screen.

Mayor and Dr. Satish posing outside the city council building in Oro Valley, AZ.

Dr. Mark is thanked for the volunteer work he did for a dental patient at AzMOM in Phoenix.

Dr. Ernie and Dr. Dr. William discuss an issue with #23.

Oral Surgeon Dr. Robert takes an "after" photo of his dental patient.

Dr. Diana providing treatment in one of her operatories.

Celebrating his ADA Golden Apple award, Dr. Charlie takes a bite. I brought the apple—he's a good sport!

Mesa dental student providing treatment.

Pedo Dr. Charlie providing treatment on a young patient.

Pediatric dentist Dr. Michael from Tucson helping out kids in Phoenix, AZ.

Dr. Satish and his office manager looking over their dental supply list.

Dr. Greg doing an interview while the patient takes a break from dental treatment.

Periodontist in Tucson, AZ, Dr. Lisa provides treatment on a patient.

Dr. America reviewing a patient's medical history.

Dr. Melanie, who served in the Navy, practicing in North Scottsdale, AZ.

Pediatric dentists Dr. William and Dr. Ernie and their team. Fun group!

Orthodontist Dr. Dawn in Peoria, AZ providing treatment on a patient.

ASDOH Dean Dr. Jack taking a moment to reflect on the stairs (he wasn't taking a break because he was tired).

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